Thursday, July 06, 2006

Home-Schooling Options for Key Stage 3 to A Level

We have started to explore the options available to us for "secondary" education, as our eldest is fast approaching the age when this is expected to take place.
Not that we believe that Home-Ed should suddenly change just because you reach 11+. I have always found this to be a rather incongruous situation. It has always struck me as the equivalent of "well now that you are 11, we'll forget about all you have done so far and now start REAL SCHOOL" Whatever that means.
Anyway, this is what we have found out to be available so far ....

UK Based Distance Learning Organisations KS 3+4
NorthStar UK
Little Arthur Independent School

UK Based Distance Learning Organisations KS4 + A Level
Oxford Home Schooling
National Extension College

American Based Home-School Providers
Sonlight Curriculum Ltd. ( for KS 1 to 4
We currently use Sonlight for the bulk of our materials and are VERY IMPRESSED with them.

Home School Material Providers KS 3 + 4
Writing Strands a tool to develop successful writing skills and more
Spelling Power

Support Organisations for Home Educators in the UK

Education Otherwise
Home Service is a Christian support organisation.


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