Saturday, March 11, 2006

An exhibition of "Movement and Colour"

Redbridge Art Clubs presented an exhibition of "Movement and Colour" held at the Kenneth More Theater in Ilford.

With our eldest three attending these clubs, each was chosen to present a piece of thier work. This was the first time we, as parents, had seen the work. Each was indicative of their character. Rachel: People focused, Lukas: Bold straight lines and Matthew: The adventurer, but with depth of understanding.

Rachel's "The Crowd of Arms" was made by cutting the shape of a football player from a magazine and using this as a template for subsequent overprinting with different colour inks.

Matthew's piece entitled "Two Warriors Of Iceland" used the silver to indicate the cold over the warriors (the areas of small seeds towards the top and in the center). The red spray paint shows that they are really dangerous while fighting each other as they are enemies.

Lukas produced a work called "The Dragon Of The Deep". He told me:

I wanted a Dragon different to that others were making so decided on one that lived in the depths. I used seeds for the scales then spray painted it blue and silver.

All in all, everyone was proud to have a work that they had produced be on public display. Well Done to All!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Up and running

That's it, were here. The blogosphere has been changed just that one more little bit. Whether that is for the better still remains to be seen ....